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Eastern Iowa Russian Interpreter Needed

Interpreter Request Details

Language: Russian <> English

Location: Four Oaks of Cedar Rapids

Date(s): 2 April 2016 – 3 June 2016 (10 weeks)

Contact Name: Laura


Contact Phone: 641-497-5294

Request Summary

Russian Interpreter needed to assist a person attending PS-MAPP, a foster/adopt parenting course put on jointly by Quakerdale and Iowa KidsNet. The class will be held at Four Oaks, Cedar Rapids on Saturday mornings from 9 am – noon beginning April 2 and run for 10 weeks through June 4. Interpreters are paid hourly and for mileage. If interested, please contact Laura at Quakerdale, 641-497-5294 or email


Mandarin Chinese Interpreter Needed for March 16


This position has been filled. Many thanks to all those who responded.

Interpreter Request Details

  • Date: Monday, 16 March 2015
  • Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
  • Location: Oskaloosa, Iowa [Map] — About 90 minutes southwest of Iowa City
  • Request: We’re searching for a Mandarin Chinese interpreter to assist with a real estate transaction.
  • Contact: Please fill out our contact form to submit your complete contact information if you are interested. Please also include some information about your experience.
  • Payment: For payment arrangements, the interpreter will work directly with the company requesting service.


Instant Language Translation with Google Translate App and Smartphone Camera

The World Lens app by QuestVisual was introduced in 2010 and used a typical smartphone camera to convert printed text in real time. Here’s the video announcing the product:


Google recently integrated the technology in their translate app, so now with a single app you can perform a variety of translation tasks. With the World Lens app, additional languages required an in-app purchase. The Google product will include 36 languages for free.



Learn More

Here are some resources to learn more about the technology.

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