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Videos From the Prime Minister’s Office of Japan

The following videos are from the Prime Minister’s Office of Japan as part of the Japan to the World series of videos.



This video is a glimps of charms and strengths of Japan, including pop culture, advanced technology, investment opportunities and tourist attractions. (Published on Nov 7, 2013)



This video shows the work of Japanese Professor Komaki who introduced “Proton Therapy” at a university medical center in the US to help patients overcome cancer. (Published on Jul 23, 2014)



This video features Kanako Daigo, a Japanese astronaut training instructor. While her training covers advanced skills and expertise for responding to emergencies, she emphasizes the importance of trust. Her efforts have been highly assessed by the astronauts, and in 2012 she received NASA’s Silver Snoopy Award, presented to those who make major contributions to human space flight. (Published on Sep 17, 2015)



Below is the entire playlist.

Epic Russian Skateboarding Videos

U2 Concert in Moscow Gathers 35,000 Russian Fans


In August 2010, the legendary Irish band U2 performed at at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow to a gathering of more than 35,000 fans. [source]

Bono thanked the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for a warm welcome he had received at the presidential villa near Sochi. On Tuesday the two had an informal meeting and discussed problems in Africa, ways to fight infectious diseases and poverty. [source]

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