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Eastern Iowa Russian Interpreter Needed

Interpreter Request Details

Language: Russian <> English

Location: Four Oaks of Cedar Rapids

Date(s): 2 April 2016 – 3 June 2016 (10 weeks)

Contact Name: Laura


Contact Phone: 641-497-5294

Request Summary

Russian Interpreter needed to assist a person attending PS-MAPP, a foster/adopt parenting course put on jointly by Quakerdale and Iowa KidsNet. The class will be held at Four Oaks, Cedar Rapids on Saturday mornings from 9 am – noon beginning April 2 and run for 10 weeks through June 4. Interpreters are paid hourly and for mileage. If interested, please contact Laura at Quakerdale, 641-497-5294 or email


Epic Russian Skateboarding Videos

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